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Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis? Tired of not being able to wear rings? Hinged Magnetic Designer Rings that clasp over your Finger bypassing the Knuckle.

Filigree Throne

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Filigree Throne

SKU: KS-228

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Triple A quality band.

This ring is another piece with an exceptional detail to the band. The beautiful scrollwork floats around the entire sterling silver band. A smooth silver base at the center leads to an elevated paradot stone bordered in smooth sterling silver. The base has a door like opening that you lift up and a prong is set in the opposite end and fits in the open door so you can place the ring around your finger comfortably.
The ring is available in Amethyst (purple), Paradot (green) Garnet (red) Blue topaz, Onyx (black) and Peacock pearl (green blue and black) stones.



Gold Overlay


Video Function KS378

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