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Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis? Tired of not being able to wear rings? Hinged Magnetic Designer Rings that clasp over your Finger bypassing the Knuckle.


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SKU: KS-539

Retail Value: $255.00 Our Price: $225.00

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People will get an eyeful when they notice this style everyone can embrace!

This sterling silver in this ring is glossy and intricately designed all around the band. It leads up to an eyeful of elegance. The oval shaped undergallery continues with the lacy design and continues up to yet another section of glossy smooth oval that moves upward in a thick encasement for the stone. The pearl is raised to be the focal point of the ring. The magnet is hidden in the open ended side that separates from the pearl. This ring possesses the high end craftsmanship that ArtSilver is known for. This ring will be easy to wear around your finger. Available in Peacock white pearl only.


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